Charles M Greenspon

Postdoctoral Scholar

Bensmaia Lab

Selected Publications

Biomimetic multi-channel ICMS conveys high resolution force feedback for bionic hands. 

In this paper we show that you can quintuple the number of perceived discriminable levels available for force feedback when using multi-channel biomimetic stimulation in comarison to classical linear single-channel approaches.

BioRxiv 2023

Sensory computations in the cuneate nucleus of macaques

For the first time we record the responses of cuneate neurons in non-human primates and show that, unlike commonly thought, cuneate neurons perform a significant number of the computations currently attributed to cortical neurons.

PNAS 2021

Effect of scanning speed on texture-elicited vibrations 

Using a laser doppler vibrometer we examine the minute vibrations of the skin as it interacts with common textures across the range of natural speeds. We find that the magnitude and frequency composition of these vibrations can be modelled on a subject specific basis by warping the vibrations in frequency space. 

Royal Society Interface 2020


PhD - Neuroscience

University of Nottingham

BSc - Biology

University of Warwick